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Student - Personal Details

Your child must have reached the age of 4 prior to 1 September to be eligible to join Madressa the following January. If your child is too young, your application will be deleted.
The photo should clearly show the face of the student and should either be a recent school photo or a passport photo.
Choose a file in the following format only: jpg; gif; png.

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Additional Details

Please provide details of statements as assessed by the child’s school. This information will be dealt with confidentially by the Madressa and passed on to our Learning Support team who will be in touch
Please list any allergies, medical conditions, medications etc

Parent/Guardian 1 - Personal Details

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Madressa Photo & Video Policy Consent

The Madressa has a 'Use of Images' policy in line with its Safeguarding commitments in order to provide a greater understanding on how images will be handled and what boundaries are in place for Madressa events

This policy will govern how the Madressa will handle matters relating to photography and video on the Madressa premises.

Occasionally, we may take photographs of the children at our Madressa. These images may be used in our Madressa printed publications that we produce, on our website, or on project display boards. We may also make video recordings for monitoring or other educational use.

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  • If my child is aged 13 or over, I have consulted him / her on how the Madressa will utilise their data and they have provided consent for Madressa to use their data